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Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed sleeping outdoors under the stars.  Whether you are on an expedition that will have you sleeping outside in rough terrain and weather, or whether you are camping in the backyard with your kids, you'll need an appropriate camping tent.

Camping tents are available in a range of sizes, and are rated for various weather and camping experiences, from tents that are perfect for family camping, to more sophisticated tents geared to extreme camping.

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lighted camping tent at night
Lighted Camping Tent at Night

A camping tent should at least offer a reasonably roomy and secure place to sleep in the great outdoors.  It must be portable, easy to assemble, well ventilated, water resistant, and wind resistant.  Compact, lightweight tents are popular for adventure travel use while larger, double wall tents are more suited to recreational travel with the family car.

A well-designed tent should prevent moisture from getting inside; it should also breathe to prevent condensation from building up inside.  A double wall tent keeps moisture outside by using a rain fly, and it has breathable tent walls.  A single wall tent does both of these things with a single, laminated tent wall that is both waterproof and breathable.

Basic types of camping tents include summer tents, three-season tents, and four-season tents as well as mountaineering tents and specialized single-wall tents.  Summer tents are designed for warm weather use, while three season tents are designed for use in cooler weather.  Four season tents, or convertible tents, can be used in cold weather, while mountaineering tents are designed for harsh, windy conditions.  Ultralight, single-wall tents are favored by backpackers, but they do not shed moisture as well as most double-wall tents.

Campin' Tent, by The Okee Dokee Brothers features access to popular online sporting goods stores and selected camping tent manufacturers for your shopping convenience.

Shop for Camping Tents and Gear

mountaineering tent entrance, with snow-covered mountain view
  • Sierra Trading Post
    This sporting goods retailer features Kelty, Eureka, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, and North Face tents.
    This Utah-based retailer features a selection of tents and camping gear from all the top brands.
  • Altrec - Camping and Hiking Tents
    This Camp and Hike shop is a good source for family camping tents, shelters, bivouacs, and tent accessories.

Camping Tent Manufacturers

camping tent
  • Eureka! The Tent Company
    Makers of family tents, backpacking tents, expedition tents, and screen house shelters.
  • Coleman Tents
    Find weather-resistant tents, dome tents, family tents, shelters, kids tents.
  • Kelty
    Kelty offers family tents, shelters, ultralight tents, backpacking tents and accessories.
  • MSR - Mountain Safety Research
    Ultralight tents, 3-season tents, convertible tents, 4-season tents, hybrid shelters & wings, and accessories.
  • Marmot Tents
    Marmot offers a selection of 3 season and 4 season camping and expedition tents.
  • Sierra Designs
    Sierra offers a wide range of lightweight backpacking tents and convertible tents.
  • The North Face > Tents
    The North Face features expedition, 3-season, and ultralight tents, packs, and sleeping bags.
  • Mountain Hardwear
    Find expedition, backcountry, and mountain tents, as well as tensile tarps and accessories.
  • Paha Que Wilderness
    Visit this California manufacturer of innovative quality car, family, and base camp tents.
  • Big Agnes
    Big Agnes features a selection of sleeping bags, tents, sleep pads and accessories.
  • Wenzel
    Wenzel is a leading family camping products manufacturer offering tents, packs, sleeping bags, mats and accessories.
  • Texsport
    Texsport is a designer and manufacturer of adventure gear including two-person and family camping tents.
  • Napier Outdoors
    Napier is a manufacturer of outdoor gear and accessories including a line of travel tents intended for use with minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.
  • Pinnacle Tents
    Pinnacle is a manufacturer and supplier of quality tents and portable shelters.  Pinnacle offers a line of standard shelter products and can design custom camping tents suited to the needs of private companies, non-profit organizations, and government bodies.

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